Top 5 Uncommon Domestic Cleaning Tips

Following on from our article about all natural cleaning products, we thought we’d ask our cleaners if they had any more uncommon domestic cleaning tips and how all of us could use them at home. Unsurprisingly they came back with a whole heap of suggestions!

Select a Cleaner’s Top 5 Uncommon Domestic Cleaning Tips:

  1. BBQ Onions – This was one of Ian’s (see right) tips and he keeps swearing to us that it works! To clean Uncommon Domestic Cleaning Tips - Ian Bloomyour grill before a BBQ, cut an onion in half and scrub the grill with the freshly cut side. The onion will get rid of the built up residue whilst also instilling its flavour into the food you cook later!
  2. Cleaning a Blender – After making your favourite shake or smoothie, simply put some warm water in the blender add a drop of washing up liquid and turn it on for a minute or two. Give the blender a rinse to get rid of the taste of washing up liquid and you’ll find it good to go for the next time.
  3. SMASH! – Smashed a glass? Instead of using your fingers use a slice of bread to pick up even the smallest pieces of glass. Always make sure you hoover afterwards but all the pieces should be picked up automatically by the bread, helping to keep your hoovers filter in one piece.
  4. Water rings – Got a friend who refuses to use a coaster for their cup of tea? If they leave any marks dry the table with a cloth and the put a hair dryer on the mark for a few minutes. You’ll find the stain disappears!
  5. Vomit stains – Have you got a poorly little one or friend that’s drunk too much? If they’ve made a mess of your carpet and stained it, simply mix baking soda with a little water to make a paste. Spread the paste over the stain wait a few hours and hoover, you’ll see the stain comes up as if by magic, leaving no nasty smells or stains in its wake.

Hopefully you’ll have learnt a little something from these uncommon domestic cleaning tips and if you need any more helpful hints then make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook!