How Select a Cleaner Operates

Select a Cleaner operates as a supplier of vetted domestic cleaners, for a fee we offer you access to our database of insured and vetted domestic cleaners whilst providing administration / security procedures. In all cases our cleaners are directly employed by you on a self employed basis during their work.

A unique approach to this traditional industry means that we can charge less, you pay less and cleaners can receive more, promoting gain for every party involved.

You pay the cleaner directly whenever they have completed a clean, Select a Cleaner is paid on a direct debit basis and ensures that if anything happens during the clean or if any issues arise i.e. a cleaner does not turn up for work, afterwards you will a) have someone to turn to for advice and b) have a replacement cleaner given to you immediately. We also ensure that the database of cleaners you receive have all been properly vetted and interviewed, making sure that you only receive the highest standard of cleaner in the area. Select a cleaner will also provide (upon request) current references from other clients if you are interested in a specific cleaner and wish to check the thoughts of other current customers.

Select a Cleaner will also keep receipt of all paperwork during your hiring of a cleaner so that should any issues arise, the correct paperwork can be given to the authority immediately.

All of our cleaners are trained to high legal standards incl. colour coding techniques, speak fluent English and will honestly complete their allocated time sheets accurately. All of our cleaners understand that it is an honour to work for us, breaking any rules will cause disciplinary action and they may be excluded from our database, losing themselves a wide range of clients.

If you would like to find out more about Select a Cleaner and how we operate, contact your local agent.

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