A Message From the Owner

A Message from Select a Cleaner founder, Martin Gover:Martin Gover, Founder of Select a Cleaner

For too long householders have been shopping around from cleaner to cleaner, and from agency to agency, in a search for someone consistent, reliable, dependable and competent.

We all prefer a recommendation from a friend or neighbour because we want to avoid the uncertainty involved in trusting a stranger to come and work in our home. There are no guarantees of a good standard of work. There is no way to tell if your keys will be safe with a new key-holder. But failing a referral, what can you do? Anyone can advertise in a newsagents window, any agency can drop a leaflet through your door or put up a website, or advertise in a newspaper. The good and bad are listed together and it is left to chance who you will be offered.

That is where Select a Cleaner comes in and succeeds. Together with private householders who have employed the cleaners, we separate the trustworthy from the unreliable and incompetent with these simple principles:

  • Cleaner unreliability is discouraged as our cleaners know a negative reference on line can damage their prospects of future employment; not just with us, but anywhere else.
  • The lazy and incompetent do not want to be monitored but conversely those who take a pride in their work are eager to use the task sheets we supply.
  • Good cleaners can refer to their good references on the website and easily obtain references from us should they need them.

In addition to references from clients like you, we also have a stringent vetting procedure that filters out the short term cleaner looking only for temporary work, or the dishonest or those without enough relevant experience. We look for cleaners with good proof of identity and proof of address, including longevity at their home address (to show they are a long-term renter or home-owner rather than someone ‘on the move’. We have set questions to establish their motivation for this work, why they want to do this particular work, and for how long they are planning to stay with us and our clients. We regularly make telephone and email service call follow ups to our clients, to pick up any further feedback on our cleaners.

This early vetting combined with constant telephone and email monitoring once they start working for our clients. keeps our cleaners on their toes. Whether they are being scored one or ten out of ten, by you, the information is publicly available either on line, or via our free Cleaner Appraisal Service (simply email or phone us for the references and feedback score on any cleaner). Through this constant vetting we have had some cleaners with clients for over a decade.

We do our best to make sure you are supplied with a list of cleaners who are properly vetted, trained and insured. Making sure that you receive what you set out to look for; an honest, reliable and trustworthy cleaner who will stay the test of time.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Gover