Select a Cleaner.com Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay for your service?

A: Checking up on our cleaners is completely free for the householder. You can contact us free of charge to follow up references on a cleaner, gain their contact details, and arrange an interview.

Q: How do you vet prospective domestic cleaners?

A: Our trained staff assess the cleaner’s suitability and will then arrange an interview, either at home with a cleaner or at the agency’s premises.

At their interview we ask for:

  • Names and addresses of two previous customer referees; to whom we then write or telephone for their references. References are either emailed to us, or taken down over the phone and added to the cleaner’s file for you to see.
  • Names and addresses of any current local customers; to whom we then write or phone as above.
  • Proof of ID: Drivers license or Passport,
  • Proof of address – such as utility bills or tenancy documentation
  • Photo ID to add to our manual files.
  • Basic training in the SelClene standard

Q: Do you guarantee the quality of your cleaners’ work?

A: Our cleaners remain independent individuals responsible for the work they each carry out. They are effectively self-employed (though legally they become your employees when they start with you) as far as the agency is concerned as they can choose for whom they wish to work, when they wish to work, and where. They can alter their hours in agreement with you, and miss days or change days by their own negotiation and arrangement with you, direct. So when you interview them, they are also, in a way, interviewing you.

It is not possible for us to guarantee the quality of our cleaners’ work as standards or work vary over time and some clients may just feel they require a higher standard than their cleaner can offer.  In determining their suitability for you, we are as reliant as you on the accuracy and continued validity of the references we receive.

Q: How do you work and what do I do if the weekly cleaner does not show?

A: We select a cleaner for you from our database of cleaners whom you then employ direct.
Your membership fee covers the recruitment, interviewing, selection and appointment of cleaners and gives you access to a replacement cleaner upon demand.
You’ve probably employed domestic staff before and may have found that sometimes a cleaner does not turn up or that the relationship between you and the cleaner does not work out. With our agency, you simply call us and we can send you another cleaner within days.

Q: How soon can I have a regular cleaner start?

A: If you wish to take on a cleaner, call your local office and we’ll visit you by appointment to register you with the agency.Allow a few days to book the appointment with us, after which it takes 1 – 5 days for a cleaner to be allocated to you.

Q: What happens if the domestic cleaner does not turn up or I go away?

A: If you miss any cleaning, say due to changeovers, periods when you or your cleaner are on holiday, or on account of the cleaner being ill, you can claim a No Charge Period for time missed.
We provide you with Worker Earnings Receipts to log hours worked and money paid to your cleaner. If there are gaps, send us the receipts and we’ll adjust your account to reflect any time missed.

Q: Is there insurance cover for damage done by the cleaner?
A: Yes, There is cover for major damage over the value of £100 (e.g. damage to a carpet or a valuable ornament).
You are responsible for the first £100 of any claim.
Bleach spills are not covered and you should discourage your cleaner from using bleach, especially in carpeted areas.
There is no cover for any work the cleaner may do outside the home – only for cleaning and ironing work IN your home.

Q: Can you supply references for your cleaners?

A: Each cleaner comes with two written references, one of which should be for previous cleaning work – plus we get REGULAR feedback from their other SelClene clients.
We make regular Service Calls on all our existing clients and the feedback from these are added to the cleaner’s portfolio of cleaning references.
Whenever we put a cleaner forward we post you a print-out of all their references automatically.

Q: What training do you give your honest and reliable cleaners?

A: We put all the cleaners through a basic course stressing the importance of Honesty (e.g. when completing their time sheets) and Reliability (e.g. turning up on time and not letting you down).

We show the cleaners two training videos – one on how to clean, and one on the expectations and requirements of clients.
Each cleaner is made aware of the standard required from a SelClene cleaner; these are the ground rules for their association with you, our client, and us.

We also train in colour coding & hygiene – this is where we encourage the use of different colour cloths (which we supply to you free) to differentiate between toilet areas and kitchen / food preparation areas as well as basic Health and Safety.

Once you take a cleaner on, however, they become your direct employee. You will need to train them in the use of your own equipment (e.g. emptying your vacuum cleaner) and make sure they are familiar with your particular requirements.
You will need to instruct your cleaner in the specific tasks you wish them to do for you. We provide a Task Sheet (a check-list) for this purpose.

Q: Do you remove cleaners?

A: Yes we do. In the event that a cleaner consistently falls short of the Select A Cleaner Standard, their membership will be suspended and a special code, the ‘K’ code, will be added to their file.

Once a cleaner is K coded, they cannot be given any more work – the database won’t permit a new client to be put forward to that cleaner.

The K code is very rarely ever lifted and can only be removed once their performance has been re-evaluated by a manager over time, including the collection of more references from any remaining clients they may have. Once a K code is attached to a cleaner’s file, only the agency owner or the senior manager has the required security level within the database to remove it.

The reason that the vast majority of our cleaners work to a high standard is that our initial vetting is stringent, and the monitoring process together with publishing the references and feedback they receive on line, puts their reputation and future work on the line.

Q: What if I’m unhappy?

A: This can occur because despite collecting many references, customer expectations and an individual cleaner’s standards may not correspond. However our cleaners know that any dissatisfied customers can easily give poor scores and negative feedback which will be published on our web site. If you do have reason to complain about the work of one of our cleaners, then please complete a customer reference and email it to your local agency. For a list of local agencies and to find out your own agency, click here.

Our staff personally process each customer reference and check it.

Sometimes issues that arise are simply down to unclear expectations or poor communication. Once we are in contact with any cleaner who has received negative comment, we can find a problem get resolved.

Q: What do I do if the house cleaner is no good?

A: Contact your local agent and we will allocate a replacement.
Please allow five working days for a replacement to be put forward.

Q: What do I do if I want to terminate?

A: Your contract continues up to the end of each quarterly payment period – so the minimum term is one quarter. If you wish to cancel your contract with us you can do so at any time but you must do so in writing, giving us one months notice, to take effect at the end of a quarterly payment period. You must cancel your mandate direct with your own bank at the same time.