How to Keep Spiders out of your Home

Although many of us don’t mind our eight legged friends, it seems the majority of us aren’t their biggest fans and with Halloween around the corner we’ve put together a list from our cleaners of facts and things they’ve heard to help keep spiders out of your home!

How to keep spiders out of your home – Top 5 tips:

  1. Lemons! A Select a Cleaner favourite that appears in the majority of articles we How to keep spiders out of your house - Seect a cleanerwrite so it wouldn’t be fair to have a list without them. Sharing a trait with many other animals, spiders aren’t the biggest fans of citrus or of the acid contained within lemons and limes. Cut a lemon in half and wipe around windows or other potential points of entry once a month. This’ll also keep you home smelling fresh!
  2. Clear the perimeter around your house - Have you got some pots, old chairs or logs resting against the back wall of your house?? Move them. Spiders love anything dark and damp so moving these away from your house will help minimise any entering and giving you a fright.
  3. Artificial lighting – Have you got lights in your porch or in your back garden near your back door? Although spiders don’t have a preference to outside lighting, their supper loves it and moving a food source to somewhere else will always help. If you can’t do without your outside light picking a bulb that emits a less natural yellow light has been proven to be less attractive to moths and the rest.
  4. Cleaning – Spiders love mess, they naturally move towards areas that give them protection from predators in the wild. Keep your floor clear to minimise the appeal of your house to any potential new unwelcome housemates.
  5. Essential Oils – Along with lemons spiders aren’t fans of some strong smelling essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Tea tree or Lavender. Filling up an empty spray bottle with a dash of oil and spraying this lightly around your home will help keep them at bay. Adding a drop of washing up liquid to the solution will help break down the oils making the spray more effective!

Whatever you do think of our eight legged friends, please don’t kill them! They do a wonderful job of keeping even worse insects at bay, there are a bunch of spider friendly tools to get rid of them if they do find a way in.


Hopefully you’ll have learnt a few tips and tricks on how to keep spiders out of your home and won’t be running to your other half to get the cup and paper! For tips and trick make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook!