How to Clean up Pet Hair

Having pets is often a joy, but as everyone who owns a pet will know, trying to clean up after the hair they leave behind can be a major pain! So to take the sting out of cleaning up after your pets we’ve put together some top tips on how to clean up pet hair quickly and easily.

5 Tips on How to Clean up Pet Hair:

How to clean up pet hair - Sheba Select a Cleaners Dog

Sheba – One of Select a Cleaners dogs!

  1. If you have a cat one of our top tips is to encourage them to use certain spots for grooming and naps. If you place a cover in a nice comfy spot and rub it with catnip on a regular basis (every two or three days) you will often find they naturally migrate to it, helping keep the majority of hair in one place!
  2. If you do find yourself with your covers being covered in hair, tumble dry them first with a sheet of fabric softener for about 15 minutes. This will separate the majority of the hair from the fabric and is easily collectable from the dust and lint collector. This will even help keep your washing machine healthy!
  3. Ok so we’ve cheated a bit here by splitting this section into sub-points but each of these are classics and work amazingly:
    1. The Rubber glove – A tip many just do not know about it. Get yourself a nice bright coloured pair of marigolds, put them on and run a small amount of cold water over them. If you go over the areas covered in hair, like magic it’ll stick to the gloves.
    2. A lint roller – Many use these on their clothes but forget that they can be used throughout the house for a deep clean! Run the roller over your sofa, carpets, curtains etc and you’ll find the hair just pulls away. As a tip don’t forget that to minimise the cost of this method you can buy them in bulk!
    3. Sock skating – Get your kids to skate around the laminate before they chuck their socks in the washing machine, saves you time and keeps them busy.
  4. Another bit of cheating here but a useful tip, if you do have a pet that malts a lot, start matching your furniture to their natural colour, it will help camouflage their consistent shedding.
  5. Keep a grooming brush down the side of the sofa. You’ll be more likely to keep on top of brushing and grooming if its easily to hand in the evening when the telly’s on. If you can keep it in reach and brush dead hair regularly, you’ll find far less on the carpet!

Hopefully you’ll have discovered a few great tips on how to clean up pet hair and keep your home sparking – don’t forget that if you need help with your domestic cleaning contact Select a Cleaner for pet friendly domestic cleaners.