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5 Tips for Halloween Cleaning

Are you dreading the thought of cleaning up after the mess made tonight by all those kids rushing around on a sugar high? In order to help Select a Cleaner has asked our cleaners for their best advice on how to deal with the Halloween cleaning come the 1st of November. They should know too, […]

Halloween Cleaning Tips

How to keep spiders out of your house - Seect a cleaner

How to Keep Spiders out of your Home

Although many of us don’t mind our eight legged friends, it seems the majority of us aren’t their biggest fans and with Halloween around the corner we’ve put together a list from our cleaners of facts and things they’ve heard to help keep spiders out of your home! How to keep spiders out of your […]

Top 5 Uncommon Domestic Cleaning Tips

Following on from our article about all natural cleaning products, we thought we’d ask our cleaners if they had any more uncommon domestic cleaning tips and how all of us could use them at home. Unsurprisingly they came back with a whole heap of suggestions! Select a Cleaner’s Top 5 Uncommon Domestic Cleaning Tips: BBQ […]