Five all natural Domestic Cleaning tips

Sometimes there’s no better cleaning solution than one Mother Nature can give you. Here we run through some all natural domestic cleaning tips to help you move through your house quickly and safely for pets or children.

Five all Natural Domestic Cleaning tips:

1. Limescale and shower heads – If you live in a hard water area, like I do, then you’ll know the pain of lime scale building up on your shower head. To fix simply submerse the head in hot/warm white vinegar (heat it up in a saucepan first). Leave for about an hour and scrub with a toothbrush. You’ll see the vast majority of the limescale fall off instantly. Make sure to run the shower for a little while to get any remaining vinegar and limescale out. If you cannot take the showerhead off, then keep it submersed by using low tack tape to not ruin the chrome!

1 (A) As an extra tip you can stick half a cup of white wine vinegar in the dish washer on an empty spin to give I a good clean and remove some of the unwanted limescale.

2. Coffee in the fridge – if you keep finding yourself with a smelly fridge keep a small cup of ground coffee at the back and change every few months. The coffee will absorb unwanted smells and keep you fridge smelling fresh.

3. Lemons! –Although there are hundreds of uses for citric acid in household cleaning, we thought we’d throw in one you may not have heard of. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze and add to a bowl of water. Microwave for three minutes and then take a sponge to the interior, the steam and citric acid will help remove baked on stains, it’ll also make your kitchen smell fresh at the same time.

4. Pouring a can of coke into a toilet and leaving for an hour will help remove stains and other build ups of unwanted minerals! Alternatively you can use two antacids, just only leave them for about 15 minutes not an hour.

5. Back to the vinegar! Use some sturdy kitchen paper towels and soak them in white vinegar, wrap them around steel taps and leave for 20 minutes to give them a deep clean and remove unwanted stains, limescale or minerals.

Hopefully these all natural domestic cleaning tips will give you a good place to make a start on your kitchen and bathrooms; they were actually supplied by some of our regular cleaners. If you need to make time for yourself again then contact us to find yourself a domestic cleaner!