5 Tips for Halloween Cleaning

Are you dreading the thought of cleaning up after the mess made tonight by all those kids rushing around on a sugar high? In order to help Select a Cleaner has asked our cleaners for their best advice on how to deal with the Halloween cleaning come the 1st of November. They should know too, many of them clean a Haunted Hotel!

Select a Cleaner’s Top tips for Halloween Cleaning:

  1. Halloween Cleaning TipsChocolate – If your children have managed to get their little chocolate covered hands all over your furniture and squashed some more into your white carpet, you’ve got to try an act as quickly as possible, chocolate stains are known to get worse and harder to remove over time! Scrape off as much as can, removing any excess chocolate and then pour plain fizzy water on the affected area before cleaning. Carbonated water (or Soda Water if you live across the Atlantic) will help stop stains setting in before you grab the carpet cleaner.
    1. SUPER TIP – Don’t scrub a stain such as chocolate it’ll make it ten times worse, work from the outside in, blotting/dabbing the area.
  2. Chewing Gum – If chewing/bubble gum has gotten onto carpets then grab an ice cube and hold it on the gum for a few minutes. The ice will freeze the gum making it easy to pick off!
  3. Candle Wax – If you’re mad about Halloween decorations then no doubt there were a few candles placed about the house. If any wax finds its way onto your favourite carpet, rug or sofa wait for it to cool and hit it with something blunt. Pick up the shattered pieces to remove the majority of the wax. If any remains place an old rag on the area and put a warm iron on top. The heat will melt the wax and get it to stick to the cloth instead of your carpet.
  4. Sweets – A sticky mess been left behind? One part white vinegar, three parts warm water and it’ll come straight off!
  5. Glitter – If glitter has gotten everywhere vacuum first and then go over with blue tack or Play-Doh. Blotting with bread also works, don’t scrub though as that’ll just make a mess!

Hopefully we’ll have been able to help you with your Halloween cleaning and help you get your house back to its former glory after tonight! If we haven’t covered your problem we’ve loads more helpful hints and tips direct from our cleaners throughout our blog so go and have a look, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more domestic cleaning articles!